What Would Happen To You If You Knew Everything In Life

There is a reason why we don’t know everything in the world. First of all, it is impossible to physically know and master everything there is in this world we live in. Knowing everything will lead you to turmoil.

What If You Woke Up Tomorrow And You Knew Everything There Is To Know?

Many things will happen and the first thing that we will happen is your brain will be overloaded with information that you really don’t need. Your mind will be working so much harder because now you don’t just see a chair or a TV you see all the parts, and how it’s made. Rather than just seeing a TV and that’s it. It’s just like when you watch how meat is taken from the cow to your dinner table, you no longer see a juicy meal. You see the whole process and it ruins the whole joy of eating the meat.

Just like for me, I used to love drinking soda, but once I watched how it was made, I no longer looked at soda with happiness, I looked it with disgust.

“My nails and eyebrows look bad.”

I’ve heard this quote above from many girls and I always tell them that I don’t see what you see. I just see a girl with a pretty smile. I don’t see the chipped nails and bushy eyebrows. I don’t just say that because I’m trying to be nice to her but because I really don’t know what’s so bad about the nails. That’s because lots of girls use their time and energy to make their nails and eyebrows look good, so that information gets stored in their brains. The same way a car mechanic opens up your hood of the your engine and can tell you what’s wrong with it. They just see things I don’t see because they have that knowledge. The same way a doctor looks at a sick patient. Information that is useless to me but useful to them.

So that’s the first thing that would happen if you woke up and everything that you don’t know, you now know. You brain will go into overdrive from all the material and information. Most of the information is useless to your everyday life. I would say that about 1% of all the information in the world is is useful to your life. Knowing the whole process about how stocks and mutual funds work when you don’t have money in stocks and you work 12 hours a day at a hospital is a waste of your long term memory.

The Generation Of Over-thinkers

One word that I hear used a lot today is the word overthinking. Why are we such over-thinkers? We live in a generation of over thinkers because of too much available information. Before you put food into your body, you research. Before you take a business risk, you research. Before you ask a girl or boy out you research. Before you do anything today you research everything about it. We plan every step we make because we have the tools available to do so. Although it is good to research and know before you do something, but it turns us into over-thinkers. Struck by paralysis by analysis we live in a world of people who do more thinking than acting. All because we have easy access to too much information. And each people with access to the internet still only knows about 5% of what is out there to know. So if you knew everything you’d be dead or checked into the psych ward I promise.

Reticular Activating System

Knowing everything will leave you mentally tired and anxious 24/7. Because now your brain is fully processing everything instead of ignoring. The reason why you open up a history book and read a chapter but retain nothing is because of something called a reticular activating system. The same reason why I look at girls nails and see nothing and girls look at their nails and see something else. What your reticular activating system does is turns your attention on and off based off what you are looking at. If your brain feels that this information is not useful to you then your brain doesn’t retain the information by choosing to ignore it. Just like when you go car shopping and you lets say you really want a 2020 Dodge Charger, now that’s all you will see is Dodge Chargers on the road. It’s not that the other cars aren’t there but your brain is only paying attention to the Dodge Chargers to help you find one.

Why Having Friends Is Important

It’s important to have lots of friends. The reason why we should have lots of different friends is so we don’t have to learn everything. You should have a friend for finances, a friend for knowing laws, a friend working for the law, a friend in fashion, a friend in marketing, a friend in the food industry, a friend in the mental health world, and so on. All so you don’t have to learn everything, you could just phone your friend and they can tell you what you need to know. Why learn everything about accounting or psychology when you can just phone your friend or pick up a book to learn what you want.

What You Lose From Knowing Everything

There is something that makes life exciting and thrilling and that is wonder. You will lose the wonder of life when you know everything. There is nothing you are wondering or interested in anymore because you know everything. Wonder makes reading a new book exciting, wonder makes watching a new movie exciting, wonder makes applying for jobs exciting, wonder makes talking to strangers exciting, wonder makes waking up exciting. All because you don’t know that makes life exciting.

Thank you for reading 🙂

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