How Do Our Souls Enter And Leave Our Bodies?

Warning: Before you read this article, have an open mind to the concepts because some things in this article will bend your beliefs and views on life.

A Passage Of Life

Right now you’re in the very body you’re currently in because of your soul. Your soul decides which body to enter and which body to leave.

Have you ever met someone who wasn’t fit for their life or at least for their body? It’s very rare if you ever see someone who was not fit for the life they were born into. Just like a bee or tiger is equipped with everything it needs from nature, humans are very similar. But everyone is born into different circumstances. 

Take a look at your life, have you ever felt like you just weren’t fit for the life you are currently living? The way you are right now, what makes you think someone else could live better in your body than you? The challenges you have faced and overcame, don’t you feel like those challenges were designed for you? Your soul was designed for this life and body, that’s why it picked it. If you aren’t good at self reflections, then look at everyone else. You will find everyone you see is doing well no matter what life they are living.  Everyone holds “doing good” and living well at different standards. 

Who Picked The Body You Are Currently In?

You may be thinking that it is God that decided to put you into the body you are currently in or you even may be thinking that the body you are in is merely chosen at random. Well, neither of the two are true when it comes to choosing the body and life you have.

Right before you are conceived as baby your soul enters the body, and your soul decides if this body is going to suffice the soul’s mission. Once your soul confirms that this body is the right host for the mission then it begins to develop a consciousness. The soul doesn’t construct the mind, your parents, friends, and society does.

What you might be wondering is why doesn’t our soul just pick the right body from the start before it enters the body? The reason our soul may do a lot of jumping around from body to body is because our souls don’t get the luxury of picking. All it can choose is whether the body it chosen is the right one for their mission. If it’s not the right one then it leaves.

Right now souls are waiting to get into earth and find a body. This could even stretch the idea that we have lived more than one life. Some people in the spiritual realm believed that we have lived many lives. A common term they use is past life. And the reason you can’t remember your past life is because you don’t take your memories with you. So it’s all a clean start.

How Does Our Souls Enter Our Bodies?

When babies are born there is a thing on the top of the babies head called a soft spot. On a medical level this soft spot are spaces between the bones of the skull where bone formation isn’t complete. This soft spot is the passage into the body, like a small tunnel or hole. This is the space in the body through which the soul drops down into the fetus right before birth.

For 2 to 3 months when the baby is born, this soft spot between the skull remains open for the soul to decide whether this body is capable of sustaining or not. If a being or soul enters into a fetus through the top of the head and finds it unsuitable as it grows to become a baby, it leaves the same way it came out. That is why one door is kept open for 2 to 3 months, then it closes until death.

How Do Our Souls Leave Our Bodies?

There is two times our soul leaves our body and that is either at the end of our life in our late 80s or all of the sudden due to something tragic. There is no telling to how the soul leaves when the karmic energy hasn’t been fully used yet due to a tragic accident like a car crash. Normally when we live to an old age our karmic energy is almost used up. That is when our soul leaves through the same way it came in, through the top of the head.

Just like a guest at a party, you leave the same way you came in. If you come in the front door and you leave through the back door normally that house is being robbed. So you always want to leave the same way you came in, through the top of your head.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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