Do We Actually Create Our Own Thoughts?

Today, we live in a society that is mainly fixated in the mind. The reason we are mainly fixated in our minds is because of our thoughts. We are all addicted to thinking. Some people even get so addicted to their thoughts that that’s all they ever do. These types of people don’t want to take any action in their lives because then the thoughts they were fixated on will change either for better or for worse.

Why Are We So Stuck In Our Head?

This question is going to answered in 2 parts

Part 1 Answer: The reason we are so stuck in our heads is because reality itself is kind of cruel. Reality is a tough love reality. A lot of people who understand the reality of life they first become depressed and anxious because reality is cruel. To escape this cruel realization of reality we get lost in the fantasies we play in our heads. These fantasies or thoughts of fantasies helps us not have to face reality. Hence that’s why so many people are addicted to their smart phones, videos games, drinking alcohol, drugs, and watching TV. All so you don’t have to face your reality.

“If the problem is in the head then the solution in the body. And if the problem is in the body then the solution in the head.”

Part 2 Answer: To finish off the answer to the question why are we so stuck in our heads is to talk about our lifestyles. The day to day life 100 years ago compared to today is drastically different. Today we use our bodies so much less. 100 years ago most jobs required physical labor. It was rare for you to have a job that didn’t require physical labor. But today it’s rare to have a job that requires physical labor.

Jobs today are in comfortable offices in front of computer screens and less are outside using our body and hands. What this means for us today is that we are less in our bodies and more in our heads. All the energy that is normally supposed be equally distributed throughout the body and head is now only being distributed to our heads. So the result of a less physical life is more mental health issues. That’s why today more and more people are being diagnosed with depression and anxiety.

If we are all so stuck in our thoughts today letting our thoughts run amok then the question “do we create our thoughts?” must be asked.

Do We Create Our Thoughts?

I will answer this question with a question. Can you stop your thoughts? Can you just tell your thoughts to stop and they magically turn off like a light switch? This question do we create our thoughts came to me one night when I was laying in bed and my thoughts were going crazy. I was thinking about everything so insanely that it was causing me to prolong my sleep.

Then I said to myself: “why can’t I just turn off my thoughts? I mean they are my thoughts right?” If they are my thoughts I should be able to turn them off and turn them on. Anything you create, you can also destroy. Since you can’t destroy or turn off your thoughts then that means we don’t actually create our thoughts. We are only a witness of our thoughts. They come into our minds we hear them and we either can decide to let it pass like clouds in the sky or focus on them and go down the thought rabbit hole.

You don’t create your own thoughts, your subconscious mind does. These random thoughts are created by what you take in through your 5 senses(see, hear, smell, taste, and touch). That’s why what you listen to and see has a major role on your thoughts and your mental health.

Internal Dialogue

Now we are a part of our internal dialogue but we are not the creator of the dialogue. Just like when a song is stuck in your head, you can hear the song in your head but once again you can’t just erase it like a tab on a computer. You are only a witness to what you hear in your head.

Are We All Schizophrenic?

Just because you aren’t the main creator of your thoughts that doesn’t mean you are schizophrenic. You still have influence over your thoughts by either letting them go or training your subconscious mind to think better. A schizophrenic person is out of touch with reality and so is their thoughts. When a normal persons thoughts are in with touch with reality and are influenced by reality.

The only way to have influence over your thoughts and stop them from running amok is by training your subconscious mind to think better. Affirmations are a big factor in changing your subconscious mind. Because your subconscious mind doesn’t know what’s real or fake so when you constant like write down and tell yourself that you are calm or happy, your subconscious mind starts making more calm and happy thoughts.

At the end of the day we think roughly 70,000 thoughts a day, and while we are living day to day do you really think you can consciously create 70,000 thoughts by yourself? Of course not, that is quite impossible. You are just a witness to about 69,700 thoughts day. You may actively create 1-300 thoughts at most but majority of them are created not by you.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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