How Practicing 2 Years Of Celibacy Changed Me Forever

“Making this decision will be the turning point of my life forever.”

Disclaimer: This article is written for a audience of ages 18 or older. The experiences and view points are going to be from a man perceptive so the target audience is men. I’m not saying that women can’t read this article and still learn some insightful things because they can.

If you are reading this article it’s probably because you’ve seen the picture on the left and the picture of me on the right. And you’re probably wondering how could being celibate change someone so much. Well, I’m here to tell you, out of all the things I’ve have done from eating better, thinking better, reading more, cutting out alcohol and partying, meditating daily, and choosing a better career path, going celibate was the catalyst for everything wonderful in my life.

Now I know what you are probably thinking, did this dude give his soul to God or want to become a priest or something? My decision to practice celibacy has NOTHING to do with God and has everything to do with wanting a better life.

What Made Me Go Celibate?

To answer what made me go celibate we have to rewind time and go back to late 2018, the year the picture on the left was taken. In 2018 while attending college I was a loser with no ambition, no confidence, and no sense of direction in life. I was like a blinding man driving a car hoping something would crash into me to wake me up. The only thing I had going for me was that I was enrolled in college. But going to college just to go college so you look like you are doing something with your life means absolutely nothing when you don’t have a sense of direction.

I would wake up, to go class, learn nothing, go to the gym, come home eat a frozen dinner with chips and cheese dip then go watch porn. This is sad to say but porn was the only thing I looked forward to everyday. The reason was because porn gives you a high release of dopamine similar to heroin. Then I would go back downstairs and play video games until it was time for bed. Then I would watch more porn and then go to sleep. Then on the weekend I would go out and drink. My mind was pleasure-centered, if it didn’t give me pleasure I didn’t do it.

This routine was repeated everyday until I developed severe anxiety and mild depression. It was like a dark cloud was following me around telling me I needed a change. Just like I said above, I was living like a blind man driving a car, I wasn’t going to stop until I crash.

The Dark Clouds Surrounding Me

Well severe anxiety and mid depression was the crash I needed. Saying that I felt like I had a dark cloud surrounding me is not to get attention, it literally felt like that. Even when I look back to this time in my life(2018) it seemed like one of my darker point despite nothing terrible has happened to me in 2018.

All I know was I needed a changed in my life. The first thing most people do when they want change is by passively changing. What passively changing looks like is scrolling on inspirational pages on instagram to find that one post that would changed my life forever and get me out of this depression and anxiety. I would scroll for hours on end to find something but it never appeared. Then one night while watching an Instagram Live video from one of the spiritual pages I follow, they mentioned something called Semen Retention. This guy talked about all the benefits of semen retention and I thought nothing else was working so why not experiment a little bit.

The Experiment That Changed My Life Forever

“Every great man’s motive to success is the opposite sex

While I was down on my last resort I decided to experiment with semen retention and fully give up chasing women, porn, sex, and masturbation. That what semen retention was, it was withholding yourself from ejaculation, sex, and porn. This is something unheard of at least with everyone I know personally. Anytime I would tell my friends I was giving up releasing my seed and watching porn they would look at me like I was speaking a foreign language.

During the first week of practicing semen retention I had loads of energy. This was because I wasn’t releasing any of my life force energy. If you boil ejaculation down to a science, the only use of it is to produce another human. If we are telling the truth, sex is really only to produce another life. That is why when you ejaculate you immediately want to fall asleep right after because your body is giving away all it’s vital nutrients to have produce another human. Some animals and insects actually even die after ejaculation. There is term in French called La petite mort which means little death or a brief loss or weakening of the consciousness after ejaculation. It feels like a little death because you relinquish some of your life force energy.

So after the first week of semen retention I gained a lot of energy and I started to wake up a lot earlier without setting an alarm. It was like my body only needed like 6 hours a sleep every night to feel well rested. After weeks 2 and 3 I started to have a lot of confidence and focus, studying for my tests seemed easier and my test scores even improved.

Taking The Imaginary Limitless Pill

As the days went on, the longer I withheld myself from chasing women, sex, porn, and masturbation the stronger and more focused I’ve seem to become. It’s crazy how your focus changes when you go from always focusing on sex to focusing on other things like your career, self development, reading, learning and so on. After a couple months of practicing semen retention I was totally a new man. The energy, the focus, the mental clarity, the calmness and the confidence was insane. I even stopped seeing a therapist for my anxiety and depression, it was like it all magically went away. I stopped having anxiety attacks and random depressed days. Everyday seemed to be sunny and joyful for me.

Some Famous people who practiced semen retention:

  1. Leonardo Da Vinci
  2. Queen Elizabeth I
  3. Sir Isaav Newton
  4. Nikola Tesla
  5. Florence Nightingale
  6. Orville and Wilbur Wright
  7. Voltaire
  8. Henry David Thoreau
  9. Descartes
  10. Ludwig van Beethoven
  11. Al Pacino
  12. Blaise Pascal
  13. Sigmund Freud
  14. Plato
  15. Dalai Lama
  16. Steve Jobs
  17. Mike Tyson
  18. Mohammad Ali
  19. Saigo Takamori
  20. Pythogorus
  21. Socrates

The Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation To My Dead Life

For any man reading this article right now, this is the secret fix to your life. Most men who haven’t practiced this or don’t have a strong WHY in life then their focus is most likely only on getting women. And let me tell you, chasing sex will leave you 10 years older from now with nothing to show for you life. Why semen retention creates success and turns around your life is because your focus shifts. You go from looking at women as objects to looking at them as they should be looked at, as beautiful intelligent human beings. You go from looking at each day as a day for how much pleasure you can get to how productive you can be that day. You go from seeing how content and comfortable you can be to how prosperous and how many risk you can successfully take.

After a few months of being celibate, I started writing my first book and several months after I published it, started wolf wisdom empire and launched this website followed by a clothing brand. My creative energy used to be used to watch porn and have sex but now it’s write, create, build my personal brand, improve my relationships and net worth.

1 Year Of Semen Retention

In 1 year my life was totally turned around. I was the happiest I have ever been and this type of happy is not your pleasureful happy, it is an internal bliss where you just look up at the sky and smile for no reason. If your happiness has a reason for it then that’s dangerous because the reason for it could be taken away. Anyways, I decided to experiment back and see if porn and sex was really the issue in my life. So I decided to watch porn again and have sex with random women. It was almost instantly my life slowly started to decline. Back again, all I thought about was women, porn, and sex. When I tried to write posts for my instagram page and these articles, I experienced deep writers block. While trying to write all I can think about was sex. It was like it had a grip on my mind all over again.

My social anxiety came back, I avoided social interactions and my energy and focus declined again. How disgusted and disappointed I felt in myself, I decided to go back to practicing semen retention. And just like magic I felt great again. Semen retention saved my life.

The Most Powerful Force In The World

The most powerful force in the world is sexual energy. Sexual energy could have doing some crazy things just to get a release of this sexual energy. I would even say that 95% of the people in jail or killed was because of the desire to release their sexual energy. Today people’s sexual energy is running amok because no one knows how to control it. They randomly feel a desire to release it and they almost like black out. A tunnel vision like experience happens where you don’t see anything else but ways to release this sexual energy.

Men by nature are naturally more sexual because they have more testosterone than women. So when the talk of becoming celibate comes up it’s mostly about men. Most men today can’t control their sexual urges. Men think about sex every 3 minutes, so that would mean that most men don’t even go a day without getting some release. Women are different, they can go much longer without getting some release. When a man practices semen retention all his focus and energy changes. He goes from thinking about sex every few minutes to thinking about his life, his family, his relationships, his wealth, his health, and so on.


Even though I gave up porn, sex, and masturbation to get my life together and become something, the driving motive still is women. But the motive is no longer sex. What helps me stay strong during the celibacy is the fact that it’s to find the right woman and have a wonderful family. Because before celibacy I was sleeping with anyone, and it didn’t matter what their motives and mind was like. That was toxic for me.

Still today I practice semen retention and I probably will continue to practice it until I want to have children. Men can still have sex with the woman they love without ejaculation. Ejaculation and orgasm are 2 separate things. Orgasm can be done without even physical touch because orgasm is all in the mind and ejaculation is only in your sexual organs. So if you think your life is going down hill or you have seem to come complacent with your life and career then I think practicing semen retention will totally give your life a 360 turnaround. It did for me.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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