Where Our Happiness truly Lies

“One night I was reflecting on happiness and joy, and I was wondering what truly makes us happy?”

Happiness is one thing that either drives us up or down in life. People do some crazy things for happiness. What is even crazier is that a lot of people do absurd things because they think this might bring them happiness. But have you to stop and wonder, if we are all looking and striving for happiness, why is no one happy?

Why Are Less & Less People Happy?

“The Devil Is In The Details.”

Despite living in such an easy time in our lives, it seems that more and more are becoming sad and being diagnosed with depression. If you observe enough, you will find the root of the problem. Before I answer why everyone are becoming depressed, go for a walk or take a trip to the store and I just look at everyone around you.

What do you find in common with everyone you see? The thing you will find in common with everyone you see is that everyone is doing things themselves. There is less and less human interaction today. And with this whole COVID thing going on, more and more people are becoming self efficient.

Yesterday I went to the grocery to buy some things to make banana bread and on my way to check out I seen register 1 open with a clerk waiting for someone to checkout with her. Then I seen register 2, 3, 4, and 5 were all self checkouts. That was where everyone was at, doing the self checkout. I locked eyes with the clerk and then made my way to register 5.

Can you answer the question to why less and less people are happy nowadays?

We as humans are designed for continuous real social interactions. We aren’t designed for artificial social interaction via social media. The world is making everyone more and more narcissistic in the fact that you need less and less real social interaction. You don’t need to physically talk to anyone to get food, it can be delivered right to your house. You don’t even need to leave your house because everything could be delivered right to your door.

So to answer the question to why people are less and less happy is because we are all less social. Just like the grocery store clerk example above, everyone especially the younger folks will choose the self checkout rather than have a clerk check them out to avoid social interaction.

Where Does Our Happiness Truly Lie?

Our happiness truly lies in our relationships with others. By nature we are social beings. We come into this world as a result of the action of others'(your mom and dad). We survive in this world in dependence on others. All of us need others to survive. Yes you could be a self efficient human but only with the actions of others. You need the farmers to deliver food to the grocery store. You need electricians to deliver electricity to your house so everything can work. You need gas companies to deliver gas to gas stations and houses.

There is hardly a moment of our lives when we don’t benefit from others’ activities. Even your own activities, when things go well for you, it’s not as sweet when you have no one to share it with. Imagine winning an award for the best selling novel, or an award for the best album of the year, or an award for something you have passion in and every human is gone from earth. You got this big award but no one knows of it. It will feel like the award means nothing because you have no one to tell it to or share it with.

You could make the deans list at your school but when you have no one to tell it to or nowhere to share it, you may feel like you didn’t even get an award. Everything you strive for everyday means nothing and won’t make you happy if you have no one to share it with. At an even simpler level, all of my happiest moments in life were when I was with people socializing. Sure when I was alone I am still happy and at peace but my highest happiness and most exciting moments were when I was with others.

Getting Gifts VS Receiving Gifts

Growing up, I always looked forward to birthdays and holidays to receive gifts from my family and friends. But I didn’t know how much more joy there is in giving gifts to others. Now during Christmas, I no longer look forward to opening up my presents, I look forward to giving the gifts I bought for my family. The giving of gifts has more joy in it than receiving gifts.

So before you try to avoid social interaction with others, and want to be antisocial remember that all happiness lies from our relationships with others. If you don’t invest a lot of your time in your relationship with others then your happiness is going to be very limited.

We all need each other 🙂

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