The Truth About Soulmates

Growing up I always heard the term “soulmates” and I never understood what it really meant. When I thought about it, the only thing I could think about is someone you meet when you’re young and you end up marring them when you’re older. This is wrong

Then you have the people who believe in letting love go and if it comes back it’s meant to be. These people spend years of waiting around and hoping their lover comes back to them. I don’t mean to be a Debbie Downer but all these things are made up and nearly fantasies. Fantasies that we see in movies and read in books. When it comes to love you have to be a realist, otherwise reality will smack you in the face every time.

Who Believes In Soulmates?

The people who believe in the term “soulmates” are the ones who only dated a couple people in their life time. The kicker is, these types of people think every person they date is their soulmate. When you only own a couple cars or live in a couple houses throughout your entire life, you start to think that this house or car is meant for me. But in reality you just never explore other options. The next person you date, you will probably to call them your soulmate also, just like you called the previous person you dated your soulmate.

And the ones who really believe in the term soulmates are the people who only dated one person in their adulthood and tied the knot. You will see that the more people you date, that there is truly no right person for you.

Just because you waited for someone to fall into your lap, that doesn’t mean it’s fate or destiny. Sorry to break the news to you, but there is no such fate for love. Fate is someone just knocking on your door and proposing to you and you only seeing that in movies. To find the right person, it’s gonna take some action and also a lot of living on your part to find a lover. Fate is in your hands. That’s why it’s important to meet as many people as you can through out your life. The more people you meet and date, the “luckier” you get at finding your “soulmate”.

The Truth About Soulmates

We’re all seeking that special person who is right for us. What is right for one person doesn’t make whatever you pick right. Your right person is different than another person’s right person. What I mean is if you’ve been through enough relationships you begin to suspect there’s no right person, just different flavors of wrong. A person may come off as perfect to me but that same person could come off as no so perfect to you.

Why Is This?

You yourself are wrong in some shape or form, so you seek out partners who are wrong in some complementary way. No one is truly right for you, they are just right for your wrong. We all have demons and monsters that are buried deep within us and sometimes they come out in very tiny intervals but not enough that anyone can see them.

It takes a lot of living to grow rightly into your wrongness. Only when you have faced all your demons and seen all your weakness that you finally know who you are looking for. You’re looking for the right person for your wrongness. Your wrong matches their wrong. Once you understand this concept, it’s so easy to see the truth about soulmates.

But not just any type of person, a person who looks at you and thinks “this is the problem I want to have”. They want your wrongness and you want their wrongness.

Thank you for reading 🙂

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