What If You Could Control All Your Outcomes In Life? (Mind Blowing)

After you read this article, all your overthinking and anxiety will go away.

To start out this article, we need to talk about what are most people thinking about and are often times fearful of? You may be thinking that the answer to this question is spiders, public speaking, or airplanes. Although these things are fears and phobias, most people aren’t overthinking about these things 24/7. The 1 thing people are scared of and overthinking about is the outcome of events and situations.

There is no specific outcome we are discussing today, just outcomes in general. We are scared of the outcome of our career, relationships, projects, and so on. Some are even scared of the outcome of their day to day. The people who are scared of public speaking aren’t scared of the act of speaking in front of an audience but the outcome of public speaking. What if I mess up in front of hundreds of people? What if I stumble or pass out on stage? These are all outcomes to an event, not the event itself.

The Power To Dream Anything You Want

What if you had the power to dream anything you desire every night? All your goals, ambitions, fantasies, pleasures, and so on were fulfilled every time you dreamt at night. You know how when you are in a dream and suddenly you are woken up right when it was getting good? Well, imagine every night when you went to bed, you control your dream, how long it is and the outcomes. You could dream for 50 years if you wanted. But when you wake up in the morning, you would have only for slept 8 hours not 50 years.

Everything that happens in the dream is controlled by you, no accidents, no tragedies, no hiccups, nothing, just pure control from you. If bad things happen it’s because you wanted it to happen. If good things happen it’s because you made it happen, total control.

The Dream You Eventually Want To End

For a couple weeks, you will be so excited to go to bed so to start controlling things and making your desires and wishes come true. This power of having your dreams and letting your fantasies run wild will be awesome the first several nights you dream. But after several nights of controlling your dreams and outcomes, you will say to yourself: “This was awesome but let’s have some surprises and some risk.” You will get bored with your dreaming and controlling the outcomes of your dreams, that will want to turn this off. You will want to go back to having uncontrolled, random dreams.

What If You Could Control All Your Outcomes In Life?

Since our biggest fear as humans is the fear of the unknown, which transcribes into the fear of our outcomes, what if we totally demolished that fear and give you the power to control your outcomes?

All your fears of the future is totally gone because now you control 100% of your future and outcomes. No fear of being attacked in public, no fear of being attacked by a snake, no fear of flying in planes, no fear of speaking in public, no fear of death because now you control all those things. Not that you control those things themselves but you control how they affect you.

You lived everyday deciding the outcome, no more rejections, no more wishing of being rich, no more wishing of getting your dream car, no more wishing of getting your dream house, and no more wishing of getting your dream lover. It’s all at your fingertips because now you control all your outcomes.

Any desire, fantasy, and pleasure you want is fulfilled at your command.

What will happen just after a few weeks of total control?

In the beginning you will feel a rush of excitement and energy, thinking about everything you want. And in the tap of a finger, it’s all right in front of you. Everything you want is yours. After a few weeks of getting everything you want and never having a surprise outcome where things don’t go your way or at least go a different way then you wanted, you will get really bored.

You will say to yourself, just like you would say in your controlled dream: “This was pretty awesome, but now I want some surprises and some risk in my life.” You will want less and less control of your outcomes because you want some surprise. Slowly you will want the life you are actually living right now.

This is mind blowing because in our minds we would love to control all our outcomes and make everything go in our favor but we will get bored pretty quickly. You will very quickly, after you got everything you wanted, want some surprise and tragedy to happen. But unknowingly you will want your old life back. Because what makes life fun and exciting and worth living is that fact that you truly don’t control any outcomes in life. Right now, you control no outcome in your life, it’s all out of your hands. Nothing is in your control and that makes life amazing. A life of not knowing what’s going to happen next is a magical life.

The life you want is the life you are living right now, the one with surprises, risks, and gambles that don’t always pay off. A text that you didn’t see coming, a package in the mail you didn’t see coming, a compliment you weren’t excepting, a job offer you aren’t ready for, a relationship that came out of no where, and many more things.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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