This By Far Is The Hardest Thing To Control In Life

The thing we’re about to talk about today had me doing some crazy things and still has me doing some wild things. Anytime this 1 thing is not under control, it will steer you off and make you do some stupid things. The type of things that will make you look back and cringe because of the choices you made.

This type of control is not your willpower to walk pass a box of donuts and not open it up and eat one. It’s not when someone upsets you and you don’t snap out or cry. Also it’s not the type of control that you walk pass or scroll pass some shoes that you really want and you find the power in you to not take out your credit card and buy it.

The Mastery Of Control

There was many things that I mastered control of and to be honest with you, it wasn’t very hard. It’s starts with shame and then a decision to change. The first thing I mastered was my feelings and emotions. I struggled with handling my emotions and not letting them control me. All it takes to control your emotions is recognizing them and being aware when they come up and where they came from.

Another thing that is important to have control over is what you put into your body. Many of us are controlled by our reward center to seek out food that gives us a surge of dopamine(pleasure chemical). And these types of food that give you a high surge of dopamine is greasy, sugary, fattening foods like burgers, pizzas, and chips.

Control VS Fear Of Control

When I first started to eat healthy and become conscious about what I put into my body, it was more out of fear than control. I was afraid of unhealthy foods because I knew they were poisonous and due to their addiction traits, will have me wanting more. I would read the about the ingredients in those bags of potato chips and see what they do to the body and I was shocked.

After a couple years of being simply scared of unhealthy food I gained control over what I eat. Now I still eat healthy but a couple times a week I will eat whatever I want, but I don’t splurge. There’s a big difference between not doing something because you’re afraid of it versus occasionally doing something because it brings you joy. Overstimulation of whatever brings you pleasure will eventually bring you sadness. This is called desensitization. That’s why control is important.

This Is By Far The Hardest Thing To Control In Life.

Controlling what you eat, what you say, what you buy and your emotions is easy compared to this. That 1 thing is sexual energy. Like a serpent, sexual energy is electric in the body. If you focus on that sexual feeling enough, you will feel your body start to twitch because of how electric it is.

Sexual energy will have you doing some crazy things like I said in the beginning of the article. The energy is intoxicating, it almost makes you tunnel vision. You can’t see anything else besides for releasing this sexual energy. This energy is so intoxicating it had me texting and reaching out to women I would normally never ever reach out to. It also had me thinking about women I would never even think about.

If your sexual energy is not under control, it will blind you into doing some things you will regret later on.

The Truth About Sexual Energy

Sexual energy is neural, it’s merely high energy flowing through the body. Where most people go wrong is they mistake this energy for thinking your horny or aroused. But a lot of the time it’s just energy that needs to be released. The biggest thing to know is it doesn’t have to be released sexually, it could be released through creating art, writing, singing, playing an instrument and so on. It’s creative energy, hence creating a baby.

You can transfer this energy into your work and your life. If you can harness this energy, you won’t want alcohol, drugs or caffeine anymore. Because this energy is a natural feel good energy. But 85% of the world will choose to release this feel good sexual energy through sex and masturbation and then try to theoretically clean up the mess with alcohol, drugs, and caffeine to make them feel good and give them energy again. You don’t need these things when you can control your sexual energy.

Serpent Energy, The Strongest Energy There Is

I’m not perfect, harnessing and controlling my sexual energy is still a working progress. Sometimes I slip up and get controlled by the sexual energy. Some culture believe this sexual energy is called the serpent energy(kundalini) that is coiled at the base of your spine. If one can master this energy this energy can explode and shoot up to your third eye and trigger a spiritual awakening.

One thing for sure is if you don’t use your sexual energy correctly, it will use you. And if you don’t get this under control, it will feel like a cobra squeezing you until this energy finds an outlet.

Thank you for reading 🙂

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