The 2 Ways To Solve Anxiety Without Paying For A Therapist

The reason for the writing of this article is because anxiety can single handedly take over life and cause you to not enjoy life as you should. I remember then I was suffering from severe anxiety, I couldn’t enjoy anything. My family vacation in sunny North Carolina in a big beautiful beach house was not enjoyable because of my bad anxiety.

So the goal of this article is to help you either get rid your anxiety or at least lessen your anxiety so you can start enjoying life again. When I had bad anxiety, I needed to see a therapist weekly to help my anxiety. The therapist never helped cure my anxiety but he did help me understand it and get an opinion from a third party.

The Answer To Your Problems

Often times going to your family or friends for your problems is not the answer or the cure to the your problems. Their advice will only be bias, based off of their own life. They give you advice from the things they experienced. Sometimes it’s best to deal with things yourself and find your own answer to your problems. The one answer that comes from you and no one else is always the answer you need.

Since anxiety was so new for me, I went to many people about it. To see if they had the answer to help get my anxiety under control, so I can enjoy life again. I would even scroll and scroll on social media looking for answers. But it wasn’t until I sat with myself during an anxiety attack and reflected on the feeling of anxiety was when I found my 2 answers I needed.

The 2 Ways To Get Rid Of Anxiety Without Seeing A Therapist

1.Recognizing When The Anxious Feeling Comes

This is one of the most important ones yet the hardest to master. When my anxiety would run amok was when I didn’t know what was going on. The feeling of anxiety would come on me, and that could be in the form of heavy breathing, sweating, hot flashes, chills, tightness in the throat or chest, and I would mistake these feelings for danger. I thought something was wrong with me or I was simply dying.

This not knowing and not recognizing the feeling of anxiety would trigger the anxiety attacks. Once you recognize that these feelings are just anxiety, the anxiety goes away. But when you resist the anxiety and fight it, it makes it stronger.

This Too Shall Pass

Yesterday I was at my office and I started to feel light headed to a point where I was going to pass out. But then I just told myself that this is just anxiety, and this feeling will pass. And in a matter of seconds the feeling went away. If I would have fought the feeling I would have probably either passed out and had a full blown anxiety attack. Recognize the feeling and wait for it to pass.

2. Deep Belly Breathing

Breathing with the stomach is a game changer! Every morning for the last two years, I did deep stomach breathing exercise to help train my automatic breathing to go from my chest to my stomach. This is life changing when it comes to anxiety. Over time our breathing changes from our belly to our chest due to the harsh pollution in the air and from the stress of our day to day life. So you need to train your breathing to go back to your stomach. This is the center of your body and where you will find inner peace.

How Does Belly Breathing Get Rid Of Anxiety?

How belly breathing helps get rid of anxiety is because when you breathe deep from the stomach you decrease the sympathetic activity in your central nervous system. Sympathetic activity is responsible for fight or flight response or in other words, anxiety. So when you breath deep down from the stomach to the base of your spine, you calm your nerves down. But when you breath from the chest, you increase sympathetic activity in the nervous system causing you to feel more anxious.

There was a time when I had to speak in front of a large audience a few years ago and I was so nervous to a point where I was going to catch flight and leave the building and drive home. But at this time I just learned belly breathing and I decided to give it a go. I did several deep breaths from the stomach and in a matter of seconds my anxiety went away. I went up in front of the audience with confidence. And after that moment I knew I had just found a hidden secret.

The World That Is Breathing Wrong

Like I said in the paragraphs above, we are all breathing from the chest and this is wrong. Oxygen is a very important part of living for us. It’s what keeps us alive. They say when a human cuts off the oxygen to the brain for more than 3 minutes you damage the brain permanently. The damage could even be so bad you could go brain dead. But what happens when you breathe wrong for years? This could cut your life span down to a fraction or it could effect your entire bodily function.

When you breath from the chest you don’t reach to the lower part of your lungs. Ultimately you aren’t filling your entire lungs completely. But when you breathe from the stomach(diagram breathing) you reach the lower part of your lungs, filling up the entire lungs. There was a speaker on a TED talk who gave the audience advice on how to public speak and his only advice was to breath from the stomach. It calms you down completely.

Bonus: Learning To Let Go

I know I said 2 ways to get rid of anxiety but here’s a bonus that ties into both. Learn to let go. I developed a new rule: IF SOMETHING BOTHERS YOU AND YOU ARE CONCERNED ABOUT IT, DON’T ACT NOW, WAIT A WEEK. Most of our problems are self made through overthinking and worrying. I used to be a hypochondriac where everything would cause me to worry. If I would feel a pain in my body I would assume I’m going to die or that I have cancer. Everything worried me. I would WebMD every little discomfort that came about. This stressed me out.

Now that I have this new rule about waiting a week to act on my “problem”, I never end up acting on the problem because it never last a week. I just learn to let it go for a week and if I still care about it in a week then I act on it.

I hope this helps your anxiety, thanks for reading 🙂

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