How To Give Yourself 1 Billion Chances To Be Happy

In this article today you are going to read about a phenomenon that so important to know. When I first understood this phenomenon I was dumb founded and so upset that I didn’t know this and practice this sooner.

What would this website be without talking about happiness from time to time.

First you need to take a moment and close your eyes and think about a time when you were really happy. Think about everything that caused you to be happy.

What Were Your Happiest Times?

Was it a time when you won an award in school or for a sport? Or a time when you got your first car or had your first kiss? Maybe it was when you got married or got a Harry Potter LEGO set for Christmas? What was the happiest time in your life?

For me it was Christmas, going to a roller coaster park and passing my real estate licensing exam. There is many more times but these were moments that really stood out to me.

What Do These Happy Times Have In Common?

After reflection on these happy times can you figure out what they have in common? What do all your happy moments have in common with one another?

The one thing to pick out from these happy moments is the fact that these moments were mainly about you. You were only happy because YOU got a car, because YOU got married, because YOU won an award, and because YOU went to the beach. These happy moments only relate back to you. If these things happened to other people would you truly be happy or just be fake happy for them?

You are only happy when things happen good to you and because of this, your chances at happiness and being happy is cut down to a very small percentage. It isn’t everyday that good things happen to you, so you aren’t going to be happy on the days things go wrong for you.

How To Give Yourself 1 Billion Chances To Be Happy.

What you may not know is the only way to be happy everyday and give yourself 1 billion chances to be happy is by being happy for others. There are over 7 billion people in this world and good things happen multiple times a day for your fellow humans. That right there is billions of chances to be happy.

Why only be happy when good things happen to you. If you choose to only be happy when things go good for you then you are only going to be happy 15% of the time at best. When you can be happy 100% of the time just by simply being happy for others.

When people post their accomplishments and good things on social media, don’t immediately jump to compare yourself to them or feel sad because you aren’t doing what they’re doing or you don’t have what they have. Simply be happy for them and only them, don’t even think about yourself.

This is how you can be happy all the time! BE HAPPY FOR OTHERS ALONG WITH YOURSELF 🙂

Thanks for reading 🙂

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