This Is The Answer To All Your Problems In Life

If you have been following this website and reading the articles then you know that I pretty much experiment with anything self improvement related. I’m addicted to solving problems and improving my life. Since you’re following this website or reading this article then I can imagine you are the same way.

Periodically I sit down with myself and try to debunk world problems, my problems, and other person’s problems. Another thing I like to do is take a problem and give you a one size fits all solution. And through my research and reflection on the world at a whole, I realized that I may have found the answer to any problem that comes about.

The Catalyst To Solving All Your Problems With One Solution

A big keyword in the title of this section is catalyst. Another word for catalyst is prompt or promoting which means assist, help, boost, or develop. Although this can not solve every problem you have but I definitely can be the biggest thing in developing a solve to any problem you have.

A Day In The Life Of Living In 2021

Today in 2021 life is by far the easiest life we have ever had. Compared to years ago life today is good. I’m not saying that because my life is good but because if you are living today then you understand that you are living in paradise. We have devices that call a car to pick you up, devices that give you pleasure, devices that get you laid, devices that deliver food to your house, devices that give you a voice and so on.

We can have anything we want at our finger tips. Don’t have enough money to buy something? Open up a credit card right online and start using it that day. The list goes on and on. With this advancement in society there is more people struggling with mental health than ever before. Problems that never existed 100s of years ago now exist today.

Ultimately, what I’m getting at is life is easy and you can sit on your couch and make money. That type of easy. Years ago I could never write this article because I wouldn’t need to because what I’m about to talk about only exist because of so much technology and advancement.

This Is The Answer To All Your Problems

The answer is DOPAMINE DETOX

A dopamine detox is simply the idea that you fast or take time off from all the things that you high releases of dopamine. Things like video games, TV, smart phones, computer, drugs, alcohol, porn, social media, sugary and grease foods. All these things give you a high release of dopamine and anything that gives you a high release of dopamine can be easily addictive.

What makes these things so easily addictive? Is the fact that alcohol, drugs, tv shows, movies, porn and other technologies are so easily available. The easier it is to access, the easier it is to become addicted to it. And the more you do something you become desensitized to it, causing you to need more of it to feel that same good feeling. Desensitization is a major cause for why addicts do more or harder drugs.

When you fast from things that give you a high release of dopamine, you rewire your brain to rebalance your dopamine levels back to normal. So when you do simple human things like talking to a stranger or driving your car, you feel good because you become sensitized to little things again. Instead of needing your vices to give you a good feeling, simply being alive gives you a good feeling. I’m not going to get into the science behind a dopamine detox because that could be a whole article written on it’s own. I’ll link to my article about dopamine detox below

What Is Dopamine?

Dopamine is known as the feel-good neurotransmitter—a chemical that ferries information between neurons. The brain releases it when we eat food that we crave or while we have sex, contributing to feelings of pleasure and satisfaction as part of the reward system. (this definition what taken right from psychology

Dopamine is what drives us to do anything. Dopamine is the reason you eat pizza over a kale salad. Dopamine is the reason you watch TV or play video games over reading or doing work. Dopamine is the reason you go out to bars on the weekend. Dopamine is the reason you do drugs or drink alcohol. All these things give you a high feel good release. Hence that’s why someone who is depressed lays in bed all day because nothing makes them feel good. Their dopamine center is going haywire.

Examples Of Problems That A Dopamine Detox Can Solve.

  1. Depression & Anxiety – When you allow you brain to rewire itself, you start feeling good from simply being alive and you start wanting to explore more of the world. I have experienced this first hand. Before I did a dopamine detox, I was anxious and sad suffering from daily panic attacks. It all went away gradually from doing a dopamine detox
  2. Insomnia – Often times people can’t fall asleep because they didn’t allow their brains to unwind before bed. Maybe you were watching TV, on your phone, or playing video games. This makes you have trouble falling asleep because the blue light from your tells your brain that the sun is still up and causes you not to fall asleep.
  3. Procrastination & Lack Of Focus – When your dopamine levels are low and your receptors are depleted, it’s hard to get the motivation to do anything. Dopamine plays a major role in motivation. Often times when you can’t focus is because you are bored and there is better things that will give you a release of dopamine. When you cut out everything that gives you a rush of dopamine, doing simple things like reading, talking, or writing becomes interesting and fun. Allowing you to focus more and get things done.
  4. Trouble Attracting Men & Women – Today we are becoming more antisocial due to all the advancement in technology that you don’t need to speak to anyone. I used to be addicted to porn and this would cause me to not pursue or get women. I looked at women as sexual objects when I was watching porn. From doing a dopamine detox now I have a much more clear understanding of women and what attracts a woman. My mind used to be clouded from porn and getting a high release of dopamine many times a day that my motivation for women was down to nothing.
  5. Money Problems – I was stupid when it came to money because I had no motivation to make money and because I didn’t understand how it worked. But once I started a dopamine fast, I began to study money and stocks and other financial things. Because my motivation skyrocketed when I fasted from video games, porn, social media, TV, and drinking alcohol. I developed a drive that I never had for money all because I started a dopamine fast.
  6. Family & Relationship Problems – This one is similar to #4 but different because when you fast from getting high release of dopamine you begin to focus on other people rather than just yourself and your pleasure. You develop an understanding of your relationships and what makes your relationships tick.

At the end of the day the goal of a dopamine detox is to help you not value things like artificial, material things video games, shopping, cars, TV shows, porn, alcohol, and other things that give you a high release of dopamine. You replace it with real life things like your family, friends, finances, love, mental health, physical health, walking in the park and many other things that really makes life worth living.

There is many more things that a dopamine detox can solve but these 6 above are just some major ones that people struggle with.

If you boil it all down, we are all addicted to something, and the point of the dopamine detox is to replace your addiction to porn or alcohol with working out, fitness, reading, writing, being social, and so on. It’s all about replacing your toxic addiction with a healthy addiction that improves your life.

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