One Of The Greatest Powers To Have Today

Today when anyone talks about having power, most will think about money or fame. We all would like to have billions of dollars and fame to obtain power but for most it’s not reachable. But the question you must ask yourself is: “Power over what?”

Power Over What?

If you want power over people then you are either going to be corrupt or a manipulator. To have power is to have more responsibilities. Think about it this way, when you are a kid, you had no power because you have no responsibilities. No wife or husband to care for, no rent or mortgage to pay, no bills to pay, and so on. As a kid you have no power.

These big companies in power have that position because they have so many responsibilities. They know how to manipulate you into buying or eating something. They have the power to make you fear for your life and many more things. Today, the ones who control the screens and signs, control the population.

A Controlled Docile Society

This topic is a deep rabbit hole that never ends so I will keep it brief. Take a look around you, there are people eating artificial foods like snickers and skittles. And drinking artificial drinks like Pepsi. Our society eats these poisonous things because they are told to eat these things. Commercials and advertisements that are on the television tells you to eat these things.

With the more control they have over society and the more things the people in power can get society to do, the more power they have. The leaders of the world say: Wear this, eat this, watch this, say this, think this, feel this, drive this, buy this, and we listen. The kicker is they aren’t direct as you think because they use idols and roles models like rappers, singers, and athletes to make you do those things. They influence you to do things, hence the term “Influencers”.

It’s one big psychological manipulation.

One Of The Greatest Powers To Have Today.

The greatest power today is not to have money, fame, or the ability to control others. The greatest power is the ability to think for yourself. THIS IS A GIFT. Today, especially with the education system and social media, everything and everyone is telling you what to think. It’s to a point where even the things we say aren’t even from you alone. Everything you say and think is all recycled from someone else, something you read or seen.

Let it be known that having the ability to think for yourself can be exhausting and can be hard work. It’s much easier to let others think for you like your parents. But thinking for yourself is taking back your power. You no longer obediently listen to others and what the people with authority say. When you think for yourself, you still hear what they say but you let it get filtered through your own thinking first before you develop conclusions.

The ability to think for yourself will allow you to think about what you eat, say, watch, listen, buy, and feel. This gives you the ability to full take back power and that is the power over your mind, thoughts, feelings, and actions. It’s one of the greatest powers today. In a society where the leaders and superstars do all the thinking for you, to think for yourself is powerful.

If everyone was able to think for themselves then there would no longer be people in power because instead of being one big society, we become individuals. And that is a life changing.

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