How To Read Someone’s Mind (Psychological Trick)

This article is not going to be some psychic, clairvoyance, or esoteric information where you are going to have to born with these superpowers to read someone’s mind. Or meditate on a top of a mountain for seven years to develop the skills to read someone’s mind. Which still is somewhat fiction.

I always thought reading minds was something that you only see in movies and you had to be gifted to have this ability. The truth is, we all have the ability to read people’s minds. You and I have the ability to read people’s minds. By the end of reading this article, you will have acquired the knowledge to read people’s minds.

Disclaimer: I am not a psychic or a spiritual guru with telepathy. This article is not going to be spiritual one bit, it’s going to be a raw, real way to on how to read someone’s mind.

After studying psychology and people for quite sometime now, I figured out this method to reading people’s minds and not a way where I’m staring at you for two minutes straight kind of way. Understanding psychology and sociology is important when wanting to understand people and what they are thinking.

Where Is The Mind?

When you are excited do you feel it in your mind or body first? You feel it in your body first then in your mind second. So the mind is in the body and the body is in the mind. The way to heal the mind is through the body and the way to heal the body is through the mind.

Any emotion or feeling is going to appear in the body before it appears in the mind. Just like anxiety, it is going to appear in your chest or stomach before you are thinking anxious thoughts. To prove a point with a question: why is anxiety so crippling for some people? I can deal with anxious thoughts all day long, it’s not crippling because it’s just a thought and figuring that we think over 70,000 thoughts a day, it wouldn’t matter if 50% of my thoughts were anxious thoughts because I still have 35,000 other thoughts. Anxiety becomes crippling for a lot of people because it becomes physical. Something that causes you to become anxiety comes through 1 or more of your 5 senses then your body responses physical to the anxiety provoking thoughts. But you aren’t don’t become anxious by thinking an anxious thought, you become anxious because you FEEL anxious in the body. You can change your mind state in a second just by changing your physical state.

So it’s proven that your mind is actually in the body. Knowing this, how do we read someone’s mind? You can read someone’s mind through body language. Through their body, they tell you everything. Body language is a universal language that can be translated all over the world.

Understanding body language is your hidden key to reading someone’s mind. For example how do you know if someone doesn’t want to be around you or talk to you without them personally telling you. Their body language will tell the whole story. Despite that person talking to you with their head turned towards you, their feet and body is facing the door, this indicates that they want to leave the situation. If their arms are crossed then they don’t want to talk to you or not interested in anything you are saying. If their legs are close together and they are covering up their lower regions then they are probably nervous around you. You just read all of these signals without them saying anything.

You just figured out their whole feelings and thoughts without them saying a single word. If they are speaking then you are going to want to pay attention to the tonality, the quieter they speak, the more insecure and nervous they are. If someone is speaking so softly then they are nervous and insecure. But if they are speaking loud and strong then you can tell that they are confident and secure. Have you ever met a person with a strong voice who wasn’t confident or at least portrayed confidence to you? I highly doubt it.

How To Read If Someone Likes You:

Now if you want to figure out if someone likes you and likes to be around you, look at their body language. There is many cues that will give off what they are thinking. First to read someone’s mind and see if they like you or not, you go off of how open their body language is. If their arms are crossed or if they are covering up their lower regions then they are probably not interested in you or it could be that they are just nervous talking to you. A bigger indication is where their body is facing. If there is 3 people in the room, you, someone you like and one of your friends, and the if the person you like is talking to you, but their feet and body is facing your friend, then they are interested more in your friend, despite talking to you most of the time.

(Image from body language

Like the image above, she might be talking to that guy, and looking at him but her body and feet are facing a different direction. This indicates that she is not interested in him. You can know this without her even saying anything. To prove this point, next time you are in a conversation or somewhere you don’t want to be, pay attention to your feet, because you’re feet are probably going to be facing the door.

Another way to read if someone likes you or doesn’t like you is by their neck. If they flip their hair to expose their neck to you then they are interested. Or if they flip their hair to cover up their neck then they are not interested. I have seen this time and time again whenever I go out with people, it’s the easiest one to spot. Another way is if they play with their hair or earrings, this will indicate that they like you.

Body language will tell you what the mind is saying even if they don’t know it themselves. This is often an unconscious language. You can take the language anywhere you go because body language is universal.

There is two more things that contribute to body language and that is facial expressions and tonality. You can tell how a person is feeling without them telling you how they feel by their facial expressions.

(Image from

If you tell someone you like them and their facial expression is disgust mixed with surprise, they are shocked you told them that and the feeling isn’t mutual.

Then you have tonality, which I covered lightly above. If someone comes into a conversation with you and they are talking really soft and as quiet as a mouse then you can tell that they are either, insecure, scared, nervous or feel inferior. Then on the end of the spectrum, you have a person who speaks strong and loud and you can tell that they are confident, secure, maybe even superior to the person or people they are talking to. It doesn’t matter how muscular and strong someone looks, if they open their mouth and they are talking really softly then you know they are nervous and couldn’t even come off as a beta male despite them looking like an alpha male.

I have been working with the public and selling for quite sometime now so I have put what I learned from reading body language books into practice and it is nearly 98% accurate and it works all the time. If you want to learn more about body language then put up the book, You Say More Than You Think By Janine Driver.

(Not an affiliate link)

This book changed my whole paradigm of social interactions. It’s a challenge to practice the things about body language especially when you are in a social situation because we tend to go back on autopilot and our old thinking during social conversations. Learning body language is easy, it’s being aware of it and putting into practice when the time comes is the challenging part. I’d advise you that after you read each chapter to put what you learned from that chapter into practice before going onto the next chapter, so you can absorb the material.

Learning and understanding body language will change your life.

Body language will tell you, how someone feelings about themselves, about you, and about the situation. It will also tell you someone’s emotions, feelings, and thoughts. So why else would you want to read someone’s mind? At the end of the day, we really only want to know 3 things: Do they like us? Do they enjoy talking to us? And are we in danger from this person? All of these questions can be answered through body language.

Body language can help you read someone’s mind without having psychic or witch abilities.

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