Why Anxiety Is Actually A Good Thing

If you struggle with anxiety or have struggled with anxiety and panic attacks at one point of your life then you’re probably wondering how could anxiety be a good thing? In this article we are here to debunk your misconception about anxiety.

What Is Anxiety?

Anxiety is that feeling you have before going to a job interview, first day of school, or going on a date with someone you like. In other words, it’s a worried feeling of what is to come. Anxiety is a natural response to life. You worry about the outcome of something so your body responds with anxiety, it’s natural.

This is as far as anxiety should get, just some sweaty palms and increased heart rate. But some people can’t manage their anxiety or they get so attached to anxiety and this leads into an anxiety disorder. Anxiety disorder (your anxiety is unorganized) could take over your entire if you let it.

What Is An Anxiety Disorder?

Symptoms of anxiety disorder taken from WEBMD:

  • Panic, fear, and uneasiness.
  • Feelings of panic, doom, or danger.
  • Sleep problems.
  • Not being able to stay calm and still.
  • Cold, sweaty, numb, or tingling hands or feet.
  • Shortness of breath.
  • Breathing faster and more quickly than normal (hyperventilation)
  • Heart palpitations.

All these symptoms of an anxiety disorder are also symptoms of panic attacks. Panic attacks can feel like you’re dying. You’re heart beats so fast and you sweat so much multiplied by feelings of doom could really have you thinking your life is coming to an end.

I believe people develop anxiety disorders from either getting attached to the feeling or anxiety or because they let the monster of anxiety grow so big. What I mean by let the monster of anxiety grow is when you don’t seek help or try to get your anxiety under control, it develops a stronger grip on you.

Is Anxiety Bad?

There is always two sides to a coin, so we must discuss why anxiety could be bad for some. Today I have good anxiety, because it got it under control. But many I wasn’t aware of anxiety and lack the knowledge of it, my anxiety went haywire. I wouldn’t leave the house or do anything productive because my anxiety was preventing me from doing so.

Anytime I would go out to a store or even the gym, I would experience bad anxiety to a point of a full blown panic attack. I remember upgrading my phone at the cell phone store and having a panic attack while the associate was handing over my phone. Even while signing the papers to my car, I had a panic attack. That inhabited me from making good choices because I just wanted to leave the car dealership.

Why Anxiety Is Actually A Good Thing.

Once you get your anxiety under control and able to manage it, you will understand why anxiety is actually a good thing. An example of this is preparation. Anxiety helps you prepare for what is to come like a job interview, a date, meeting your lovers parents, and many other things.

Without anxiety you would wing everything you do in life. Often times you need to prepare for the important things in life. A personal example of anxiety is my relocation to Florida. If I didn’t have anxiety to tell me to prepare then I would have forgot something, I would be struggling and not being able to adjust or even worse have to move back home. Anxiety is good because it helped me be prepared. Anxiety is what helps you prepare for a test for school or prepare for a competition.

Another example of why anxiety is good is it helps you survive. Without anxiety you would be died. Anxiety helps steer you away from dangerous things that could kill you. It’s a survival mechanism. It’s doubled edged sword because yes it can help you survive and avoid dying but often times it causes you to avoid life in the process. You don’t do things like going out meeting new people or trying new things because this survival mechanism inhabits you from doing so.

It’s important to recognize when you are avoid living life because of anxiety. Also recognize when your anxiety is actually help you avoid something bad. That’s the hardest part of managing anxiety. Being able to decipher between anxiety helping you survive or helping you to avoid living is important.

What If You Never Had Anxiety Again?

If the world never had anxiety again then there would be way more accidents resulting in death. Think about it this way, when you do something that causes you to turn off anxiety like drinking alcohol, you do crazy things like jumping off of buildings and roofs because you thought it would be cool. You don’t have that mechanism or voice in your head to tell you not to do it.

Sure a world without anxiety would have its ups but it would most definitely have more downs. No one would have that voice in their heads telling them not to do something it will kill you. You need that voice and survival mechanism to keep you alive. Otherwise no one would live to see 30 years old.

Anxiety is a blessing

Thanks for reading 🙂

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